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Agricultural Asset Monitoring. 

Theft is becoming an increasing problem for all kinds of businesses and farmers are subject to increasing numbers of incidents. The knock on effects of theft can not only hinder farmers for long periods of time due to loss of vital equipment, but also place them at risk of higher insurance premiums. 

48% of Agricultural theft is machinary, equipment and vehicle related incidents. 

Equipment and machinary is seldom recovered once stolen. Utilising smart tracking and PRS (Ping Recovery System) you can send trigger alerts to report a stolen item and get real-time insight over its location. These notifications and alerts can be sent to your smartphone, or in commercial applications, quickly routed to internal business systems to trigger procedures and actions. 

Top 10 Targets of Theft

  1. Tools 

  2. ATV/Quad

  3. 4x4s

  4. Machinary

  5. Livestock

  6. Trailers and Horseboxes 

  7. Oil/Diesel

  8. Tractors 

  9. Equine

  10. Raw Materials 

Ping Asset will provide solutions for monitoring your machinary. 

Conventional methods of theft prevention are more often reactive than proactive. Be proactive and know where your assets are at all times. 

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