Intelligent Systems for 

Equipment and Inventory Monitoring.  

Large Scale Construction and IoT

The Internet of Things can help optimise construction projects across a number of areas. Project management can utilise a far greater amount of data and granularity over inventory, equipment and personnel. Tracking inventory can give you event data on shipping status - TOD (time of departure), TOA (time of arrival) and ETA - which creates efficiencies across your physical and digital network. You can determine when and where equipment or materials will be at any given time and set trigger alerts to notify you of any un-specified movements, events or transactions, thus keeping a digital stock of all activity. 

PingAsset provides solutions to help mitigate the following: 

  • Materials arriving at the site at the wrong time  

  • Materials arriving at the site in the wrong quantity 

  • Wrong spec material arriving

  • Unavailable information regarding location status of orders 

  • Lack of complete and up-to-date information regarding arrival of materials on site 

  • Lack of information regarding site stocks 

  • Missing or surplus of materials - long and short numbers per batch

  • Waste of man hours searching for materials and tracking them 

There are a number of solutions that construction companies can look to integrate with their systems in order to maintain greater visibility over their projects. Material, equipment and inventory tracking and monitoring helps digitise and automate construction projects. In an industry that loses millions in revenues due to lost or misplaced inventory, its easy to see why some are turning to IoT solutions and even Blockchain, in order to maintain a tamper-proof record of every transaction that occurs within large-scale projects. The ROI on any technological development a company makes, is justified on the cost savings and optimisations to the business model in the long run.