Managing Connectivity


Connect, MANAGE and Scale Your IoT Deployment

Platform Services

Generate Meaningful Event Data from Your IoT Devices and Applications

Global Connectivity

Securely and seamlessly provision your devices by leveraging low-powered cellular networks such as AT&T LTE-M and global SIM connectivity. Leverage a suite of PTCRB and FCC certified devices to connect and manage your IoT solutions.

Data Visualisation

Tracking devices through your IoT dashboard helps you gain real-time insights. Aggregate your data and start running reports through custom built AI models.

Data Orchestration

Utilise standard APIs to store and route your traffic and data any where you want. Take advantage of simple web hooks and streaming services to control your data flow.

Device Management

Provision, manage, monitor and deploy your IoT solutions through the management portal.

AT&T Integrations

AMOC, AT&T DataFlow and AT&T Multi-Network Connect

Ping’s stack has been woven into the fabric of AT&T’s ecosystem right across their professional services, platforms, asset management and global IoT footprint. Ping will harness this IoT partnership to position itself as a market leader.

Plug & Play

Secure Transport & Storage of Device Events (SSL and Encryption). Edge and network encryption protocols for sensing, broadcasting and transmitting of IoT data.

Device Tagging: Attach a logical meaning tag to a device or multiples in order to better organise them in a tree-like structure; Device tag filtering for search queries.

Webhooks - send device data as it comes into your platform.

Arbitrary Data: Attach information to devices via API or groups of devices and have that data relayed back to your backend system along with device ping data; not before/After auto-expire data.

Create/Update/Delete Device Groups: Logically Divide your devices into groups e.g. NorthWest Devices, South Devices etc.

Configure Device - OTA (Over the Air) firmware and configuration updates from the comfort of your platform.

Device Dashboard: See at a glance device key information such as Location, Temp, Battery level, Configuration; View Device Journeys,e.g. View when a device moved and stopped and its respective location.

Localisation: Support for Fahrenheit, miles and feet; Multiple Languages.

Create/Update/Delete GeoGroups: Locate Geo Group devices on a map, e.g. Show me all devices in Distribution Centre A; Locate devices outside of Geo Group, e.g. Show me all devices not in Distribution Centre A.

Device & Event API, query on-demand group of devices, Geo-Groups or individual devices.

Pre-Canned Reports: System Generated Reports based on depart/arrive (movement report); dwell time; journey time; battery; device lifecycle; shock; devices in

Data Alerts, Aggregation and AI: Auto triggered events based on breach of criteria; Device Non Reporting.