DIoT - Decentralized Internet of Things


A Data Marketplace for Everyone.
Design and Run Your Own Secure Data Transmission Network.

Sharing Connectivity

Get paid to participate in a data marketplace by sharing connectivity and bandwidth.

Sharing Costs

Costs are shared within PingNET between IoT organisations, supply chain stakeholders, shippers and carriers.

Sharing Sustainability

Phase out expensive and finite resources to reduce costs and your carbon footprint.

Harnessing the Power of Blockchain and IPFS

Sharing Connectivity

Organisations can tender costs for real time monitoring
of shipments. Truck drivers and logistics companies can participate and get paid for sharing connectivity and
sensor data with shippers.

This marketplace will open up new possibilities and collaborations between disruptors and established
players in the logistics ecosystem.

Sharing Costs

As the market currently stands, single journey domestic tracking in the U.S. can cost anywhere between $100-$150.

PinNET will enable cost reductions on this service and both truck drivers and shippers can agree on pricing.

Truck drivers can turn their mobile phone into a real-time location and monitoring transmission node within PingNET.

IoT adoption cycles

IoT and M2M involve long and expensive adoption cycles that can take anywhere from fifteen to 24 months. These cycles are hampering innovation for SMEs and many large organisations.

PingNET changes the state of play and makes the onboarding process quick and simple. A single download to a smartphone provides IoT connectivity and a gateway. Multiple downloads will form a dedicated edge-network.

True scalability and the barriers to IoT adoption start to dissolve with PingNET; and the network enables divergent business models by decentralising M2M and IoT bandwidth and computing reserves