A fully dynamic reporting and analytics feature that collects,
cleans, processes and delivers insights to IoT networks.

Daily Dwell per location

AI Inferred location dwell time of an asset (IoT Device). We can confirm shock and temperature data with respect to the relationship between location and dwell accuracy.

Inter-Location Movements

An aggregation of movements between either known, AI-generated or both known and AI-generated locations, covering distance, air distance and time between locations. Again, data validation is required

Fleet Dwell Per Location

This is a snapshot of the entire fleet of devices and the dwell per location. Similarly to the daily dwell, we try and verify dwell across a number of other locations within the customer network

Movement & Routing

Movements across the fleet of devices and routing data, historical and predictive.

AI Detected Hotspots

This is an AI location generating tool to infer locations of interest or significance to reporting.These hotspots are generated based on a number of variables which require validation

Shock Event Network

An aggregation of AI detected hot spots and location events, helps enterprises map shock events and risks across their supply chain network.

Harnessing the Power of Blockchain and IPFS